Spinning Toys that have two magic batteries installed and will never need to be replaced. 
Great for kids from 4 to 94. Safe non-toxic colors. Made from recycled wooden items.

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VIDEO - Art in Motion - American Black Walnut SpinTop

The entire piece is 100% American Black Walnut. The stand, the Pirouette SpinTop, the handle and even the 'Pull' on the string is walnut. The SpinTop was carved using the Golden Ratio. This can be expressed as the ratio 1: 1.6180. It simply means that the distance from the bottom of the top to the center of the disk is exactly 1.618  times longer than the distance from the top to the center of the disk. It is the perfect or natural ratio. Da Vinci‚Äôs Mona Lisa and the  Pyramids of Giza were all designed using the Golden Ratio.