Spinning Toys that have two magic batteries installed and will never need to be replaced. 
Great for kids from 4 to 94. Safe non-toxic colors. Made from recycled wooden items.

This page will show where I am selling my SpinTops in the near future

My Next Show will be at the South Milwaukee High School

SPRING FAIR (sometime  in the middle of March) 

Those dates are not finalized as of yet, so keep checking here. I should know for sure at the END of January.

The address is: South Milwaukee High School  801 15th Ave, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172


Holiday Folk Fair

FRIDAY, Nov. 16 - OVER


SUNDAY, Nov. 18 - OVER

State Fair Park Exposition Center


Gyretoys was at the Wisconsin Wood-turners booth. Our booth was located straight in from the West Entrance.

Much Thanks to all of you who purchased a Toy Top from me. Best Wishes for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. Hope to see you all next year, same place, God Willing.

As always you can connect with me through my email address. Please put GYRETOYS COMMENT in the subject line to avoid me missing your email. If I don't reply in 2 days, please try again.

Getting started on a really big bowl